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Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness’ online university will usher in a new paradigm of human understanding, vastly improved health, greater purpose, and profound personal empowerment. We will provide a clear, actionable path for a better world where mental, emotional, and physical illness, including addiction and suicide, are greatly resolved and replaced with lasting health, inner peace, real joy, deeper meaning, true purpose, tangible self-mastery, and what it means to be authentically self-actualized.

How it Works


Through your donations, HATHC will provide scholarships to worthy candidates who seek self-healing and self-realization through HATHC’s revolutionary online courses. 


The goal, with your help, is to provide as many people as possible, regardless of financial or societal circumstances, the help they need to greatly improve the quality of their inner life in every facet. This new understanding of themselves and how the mind/body/spirit actually works, will pave the way for a happy, purposeful, fulfilled, and healthy life in ways not currently experienced by humanity. 

How to Apply

All scholarship candidates must submit a minimum full page essay to on why they are seeking HATHC’s advanced teachings, what the circumstances are surrounding their challenges and what they plan on doing with their new understandings and transformed life from HATHC’s revolutionary online courses.    


For every $2000 donated, HATHC will review all scholarship applications and choose one candidate who is most desirous and in need of life-changing guidance and teachings. They will be provided access to either HATHC’s revolutionary self-healing or self-realization online course.


Each course consists of video instruction and guidance, tutorials, whiteboard animation, 3D modeling, kirlian electromagnetic photography and high-frequency sound/meditation therapy. There is specific and targeted homework assignments designed to bring about transformation in every facet of the human experience including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Your funding will allow HATHC to continue to develop revolutionary online teaching tools and help support a sustainable platform in which they can be disseminated to all seekers young and old, irrespective of financial, societal, or geographical circumstances. 

Donate right now and help forever change the world today.

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