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Learn To Powerfully Self-Heal and Heal Others
Become a Conduit of Higher Consciousness

Self-Healing Course 

RJ has healed himself from the severest of health challenges, including permanent chest-down paralysis, septic shock, diabetes, hashimoto's auto immune disease, hypothyroidism and autonomic dysreflexia. He has already helped countless people achieve better health through his work and has taught others to become a true Healer. In this powerful course in Healing, RJ will share the advanced knowledge of how to work and harness your own higher consciousness in order to heal. 


  • How to meditate in seconds

  • Easy protocols to cultivate a superior quality of inner peace

  • The function and harnessing of our Chakra system 

  • How to overcome anxiety or depression instantaneously

  • How to greatly reduce or eliminate pain

  • What the ego/mind/identity is and how to deconstruct it

  • Why people can't heal themselves 

  • How to turn off the program of illness

  • How to meditate more powerfully than previously imagined

  • Where disease, sickness and pain really comes from 

  • How to command and channel higher frequency energy for healing 

  • Why treating the body first rarely works 

  • How to utilize your Pure Desire and Will to Heal 

  • How, why, and where healing actually takes place 

You will leave this revolutionary course with a healthier body/mind complex, lasting inner peace, how to reduce or eliminate pain, and the tools to stay present, positive, and determined regardless of your health challenge.

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Master Program
Self-Mastery is Your New Reality 

Self-Mastery Course

RJ has condensed his higher consciousness wisdom and knowledge along with the advanced teachings he mastered into this truly unique, one-of-a-kind, transformational Self-Mastery Class.


This advanced level of coaching, energetic protocols, and guidance towards self-realization, freedom and renewed health is designed to turbo charge your self-realization, release old patterns of limitation and poor health and help you live the fullest, most joyous and successful life possible. 

In this advanced, (hidden) higher knowledge based accelerated program, RJ will share:

  • The twelve eternal truths

  • The twelve tenets of self-mastery

  • How to Ascend The Frequencies

  • How to travel the multiverse

  • The true teachings of manifestation

  • How to control and command your energy

  • How to unlock your psychic abilities

  • How to enhance your higher intuitive functionality

  • The creation and transcendence of the ego/mind/identity

  • How to Access your Higher Self



This course is unlike anything taught on earth. If you are ready to discover, experience, and understand the authentic self-mastery within you, do not waste another moment. Purchase this course now.   

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